PayBee supports a full ticketing solution that can be used to sell tickets for your paid-or free virtual and in-person galas. Some of the features of ticketing are:

  1. Sell multiple different kinds of tickets.

  2. Send ticket QR code that can be used for check-in at the venue.

  3. Collect guest information for each ticket (for example Name/Email/Meal Preference) for each guest.

  4. Group tickets where one ticket can hold a spot for more than one guests.

  5. Invitation enabled tickets that allow ticket holders to manage her or his own guest list. Very useful in the cases where a person is buying a table and want to invite friends to join.

  6. Seamless integration to In-Person and Virtual events (for virtual event unpaid invitation and RSVP

  7. Table assignment and management.

The ticket campaign is not limited to event ticketing only and can be used to sell raffle tickets or anything that require multiple counts.

Create a Ticketing Campaign

Manage Ticket and Guests

Add ticket holders to Virtual Event

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