PayBee recommends following up on all pending pledges immediately after the event ends - once right after the event ends, next, the following morning and then every other day that week. After this, you can send reminders on a weekly basis until there are no pending pledges left.

Event Totals At A Glance

To see how your event fared, go to Manage > Virtual Events > Attendees & Reports. The 'At A Glance' tab show the total raised divided by how much was raised and how much was pledged. You can also see a breakdown of all the campaign totals here.

Sending reminders and editing carts

Send reminders to all donors with pending items in their carts by following the steps above and then go to the Attendees tab and clicking on the green 'Send Pending Pledge Reminders To All' button. This sends an email listing all items in cart and instructions on completing their pledge/purchase to every donor with pending pledges. You can also send individual reminders by looking for an attendee, clicking on the blue 'See Cart' under Pending in the Cart column and clicking the blue 'Send Reminder' button in the pop up.

To edit carts, follow the steps above and use the delete icon next to each item to delete from the cart or +Add More button to add pledges/items for a particular campaign and pledge level/auction item.

Recording cash and check payments

To record cash and check payments for specific carts, follow the steps listed in 'Sending reminders and editing carts', click on the green Checkout button. You can select the Donation Method, add a memo for your team's records and choose to send an acknowledgement to the donor.

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