PayBee supports two types of auctions -

Silent (or online) Auctions: Long-running online auction where people bid or buy various items. You have the ability to start/pause and close this whatever works with your timeline. Bidders get notified via text (if the phone number is enabled) and email for bid confirmation when someone outbid them. They also get a notification if they win the auction with instructions to make the payment,

Live Auctions: Live auctions are designed to work with virtual or in-person events.

Create Auction Campaign:

The first step is to create a campaign.

The next step is to turn on the appropriate Auction Campaign settings and add your auction items.

Once created, Auction Campaigns get used in different contexts like online fundraising/bidding, Virtual Events, and in-person events.

Share Auction Link:

Every campaign comes with its own link that can be shared with potential bidders.

You can get the link and QR code for the auction campaign by going to the Campaigns from the left menu.

Locate the campaign, and you will see a QR Code on the right side and the URL below QR code is the URL for the campaign.

You can copy that to share with your donors via email and social media. You can also add this to your website.

This URL can be used for the live auction preview before the gala.

Manage Auctions: Go to manage/auctions to:

1. See the current bids.

2. Pause/Resume bidding for Silent/Online Auction.

3. Delete bids if necessary.

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