To set up a closed virtual event on PayBee, follow these steps:

  1. In your PayBee Dashboard, go to Manage-Virtual Events

  2. Click on "Create New Virtual Event"

  3. In Event Settings, select Closed and fill out all other event fields as per the instructions in the 'Create A Virtual Event' article.

  4. IF YOUR EVENT IS FREE: You can send invitations through PayBee (free event) by clicking the Send Invitations button on your Manage-Virtual Events Page and upload an Excel file with two columns (full name + email address) or invite donors one by one.

5. IF YOU ARE SELLING TICKETS OR SENDING INVITATIONS VIA ANOTHER PLATFORM: Go to Manage-Virtual Events --- Click on the Attendees& Reports button underneath your event image --- on the top middle tab click on Attendees -- at the top left, there is an 'Add Attendee' button -- there you can import an Excel file with two columns (full name + email address) and they will automatically receive a confirmation email with access to your event! You can also see the process here.

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