Login to your Paybee account.

Click “Manage” on the left navigation bar to open the dropdown menu.

Click on “Virtual Events”

Click on "Create New Virtual Event"

You'll be prompted to enter the details related to your event, split into several sections.

General Information:

Upload event image, Name the event and provide a small description.

Image: 2x1 ratio, maximum file size allowed is 5MB. The built-in image tool will let you crop and resize the image to fix the aspect ratio.

Event Information

Event Type:

Open - This allows you to share a URL to all your donors for RSVP. Anyone with an RSVP link can rsvp and anyone with a join link can join.

Closed - You will have to invite users by adding their email or will have to add it as an attendee. No open RSVP or Join available for users.

Date and Time of the Event: Your current time zone will automatically be used for the time. This time zone will also be included in the invitation or confirmation emails being sent.

Optional Fundraising Goal

Event Settings

You can enable the collection of street addresses and phone numbers by checking the appropriate box.

You can hide goal progress by unchecking "Show pledge progress against the goal to attendees"

Ask donors for additional information: You can add any other information you might want from the users by checking this box.

Pledge other behavior: During fund a need, or pledge drive, donors see two buttons. One for the current level and another for the custom amount. "Pledge Other" allows any item above or below the current level. "Pledge more" restricts the donation amount to above the current pledge level.

Show donate button with event info:

This is an important setting, which if set shows donate button that connects to the campaign at the following places:

  1. Event info screen in the virtual gala main section.

  2. Botton right corner of the video in full-screen video mode.

  3. RSVP and invitation screens for an optional donation.

  4. The end event page for donors who haven't pledged during the event

Music for Lobby and end Page.

You can leave it to default or upload your own music to be played in the Lobby and end mode.

Live Stream Info.

Once ready to go live you will set the live stream URL in this section. Learn more about different "streaming options" <link>here</link>.

Paybee allows you to use any live streaming video platform which allows embedding. Please copy the embed code from your live streaming platform of choice and paste that link into the “Live Stream URL” input field.


Lobby slide show:

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