Twitch is a great alternative to use if embedding live streams are disabled on your YouTube account. It offers a 5-second delay as opposed to YouTube’s 2-3 second delay (with ultra-low latency settings). The other difference between Twitch and YouTube is that YouTube generates a new live stream link for every live stream that you set up whereas Twitch uses the same live stream link always.

Step 1: Create an account on Twitch by going to

Step 2: Note your channel name so you can plug in into an embed link that will then be pasted on PayBee.

To do this, go to your homepage, tap on your account icon located on the top right corner of your screen. In the example below, you can see that the name of the channel is paybee_inc.

Step 3: Edit your embed link to incorporate your channel name.

Use the following format:

Using the above example, the embed link would be as follows:

Step 4: Go back to your virtual event settings and paste the embed link as your Live Stream URL

  1. Log into Paybee

  2. Select Manage -> Virtual Events

  3. Tap on the green Edit button under your Virtual Events

  4. Change the Stream Provider to Twitch and paste the embed link in the Live Stream URL field. Tap Update to save the settings.

You have now connected Twitch to PayBee and can use platforms like StreamYard, eCamm, vMix, etc to broadcast your live stream to Twitch.

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