Once you have completed the common campaign settings you can Select Auction Type.

Under auction settings, make sure you select "Silent" under auction type. You can also set a start and end date/time for when you want bidding to be live

Auction Settings FOR LIVE AUCTION
Under auction settings, make sure you select "Live" for auction type.

Now click on "Auction Options" at the top of the screen to add your auction items.

You can either add each item one by one or you can bulk import all items at once.

To add one by one:
Click purple + Add button

Upload at least one images

Input the following information:

  • Item Name

  • Min Bid (this is the amount you want bidding to start at)

  • Bid increment (this is how much you want the bids to go up by)

  • Item count *

  • Value of Goods or services **

* For Item count, please note - If, for example, you have two of the same item to give away, it will automatically go to the two highest bidders, event if they bid different amounts.

** For Value of Goods or services, please note - This information does not get displayed publicly during your silent auction. This is for internal use relating to tax.

FOR SILENT AUCTION ONLY - You can turn on "Enable Buy It Now" option, if you want people to have the ability to buy something straight away. Please note this is still turned on even if bidding hasn't started.

You can add categories if you have lots of items, so people can search by category.

We encourage adding as much information about the item in the Description section

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