Campaigns are the way to organize your fundraising activities. PayBee supports many different types of campaigns designed for specific needs.

The first step for any fundraising activity is to create a campaign.

Once created Campaign gets used in different contexts like online fundraising, offline fundraising through volunteers via PayBee App, Virtual Events, and in-person events.

Create a new Campaign

Editing an existing Campaign

Common Campaign settings

Campaign Options

Campaign types supported:

Donation: Suited for all kinds of donation campaigns, including fund a need during the virtual gala. Supports one time and recurring donations.

Ticketing: Suited for all kinds of paid on free tickets and guest data collection. With some features turned off, this can also be used for raffle tickets or any activity that requires a count of items to be present. This comes with extended management functionality, which can be used for table assignments in in-person events. Connect to Virtual event and add ticket holders as attendees etc.

Auction: PayBee supports two types of auctions (silent or online auctions) and live auctions used during Virtual or In-person Events.

Virtual Hero: This is a special campaign designed to play a Virtual hero game to be used in Virtual Events. Only available for virtual events and in-person events.

PeerToPeer: Peer peer campaign enables your top supporters and volunteers to create mini-campaigns and recruit their friends to reach their goal. It comes with a leaderboard and special report to see all the mini fundraisers' progress.

Long Pledge: This campaign is designed for capital campaigns that let donors choose the total pledge amount and a payment plan (one-time or recurring) over a fixed period of time to fulfill their pledge.

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