To start running your event, click on the blue button, RUN EVENT (1).

Now you will be in your virtual event interface, here you can run your whole event, util it will be time to end it.

  • Start by setting up your video live streaming URL (1) under the SET STREAM section, select the streaming provider (for example YouTube Live) under STREAMING PROVIDER (2). Click on SET STREAM;
  • Select the campaign you want to show at the start of the event in SELECT CAMPAIGN (4). Here you will change campaign when it's time;
  • When you are ready to connect with your donors and go live, click on START EVENT (5);
  • To start and run your auctions go to Manage your auctions, see who is bidding, declare winners and close your auctions!
  • When you are ready to end the event, click on END EVENT (7)

You are all set!

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