When you create a PayBee account we will ask for some information regarding your Organization. Remember, only registered non-profit organizations with an EIN number can create an account with PayBee.
Now let's get started..


  • Insert Email Address, Name of Your Organization, choose a Password (remember, your password must contain at least one number or one special character) and Repeat the Password. Once you are done, check the Agreement Box and click NEXT
  • Now, you will receive an email from PayBee to verify your account
  • Open the email and click on the blue button Verify Email
  • Another page will automatically open to confirm the activation of your account


  • Now, you can choose an image of your choice as Cover Photo for your account and a Logo. It’s time to choose your Unique Handle (your nickname that will be part of your campaign URL, it can contain characters a-z _ 0-9 and -, but it can’t start with a number) and insert you Website URL (don’t forget to use the https://www format). You can add the Purpose of your organization and a brief description of it. 
  • Now click NEXT


Now, to be able to receive and process all donations, you might link your bank information to your account. This account will be the one where you will receive your donations. Here you have three options: 

  • Option1: You can log from your bank by clicking BANK LOGIN. A pop-out window will open, Click CONTINUE

Search and select your bank, then proceed with you bank login

  • Option 2: you can insert your Bank Account information by clicking ROUTING/ACCOUNT NUMBER, add your Routing Number and Account Number in the right space (Your routing number is the number you can find in the left-bottom of the front of your checks, it will be the first nine numbers, followed by your account number). Click LINK ACCOUNT
  • Option 3: you can use your debit card by clicking on DEBIT CARD.  Now you can provide your Debit  Card Number, Expiration Date, and CVC code (the CVC code is a three-digit number, you will find it the back of your card on the right side). Click LINK ACCOUNT

We need to know a little more about your organization. 

  • Insert the Address, the Tax Id (or the Employer Identification Number), your Authorized Representative information (The authorized representative is usually identified as the treasurer of the organization or someone who is aware of the banking transactions. ) as First Name, Last Name, Last Four Digits of Social Security Number and Date of Birth.
  • hit NEXT

Step 5: DONE!
Congratulations and Welcome to PayBee, you are all set!

Now you can create your first Campaign by clicking GO TO DASHBOARD. You can now start to collect donations for your good cause.

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