Volunteers with the PayBee mobile app can accept all types of payments via phone on behalf of their chosen nonprofit organization.

The organization must first link a volunteer to a specific fundraising campaign before that volunteer can collect funds on its behalf.

Once the volunteer is linked to a specific campaign, he or she can use the PayBee app to collect cash, check, cards, bank account transfers, etc.

To take money using the PayBee app, volunteers must click Volunteer in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

The screen that appears after clicking Volunteer offers an Accept Donation option.

Click Accept Donation to enter the donor's name and email address.

To add items to this donor's cart, click "Add more" in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Clicking "Add more" will bring volunteers to a menu with various donations options.

Add the donor's preferred items to their checkout cart.

Once all items are in the cart, click Checkout Cart to complete the purchase.

Volunteers can accept donations via cash, card, or check.

: Volunteers can either record or transfer cash amounts.

Record means that the volunteer will need to take a donor's cash and then give it to the nonprofit organization. The nonprofit is notified each time a volunteer clicks Record, so they know to expect a cash deposit.

Transfer means that the donor has chosen to give via credit card or bank account rather than via cash. 

Credit Card: Volunteers can accept credit card payments by clicking Card.

After clicking Card, volunteers can simply enter a donor's credit card number and complete the purchase.

Check: Volunteers can use their phone cameras to record the front and back of a check. 

Add to Cart: Volunteers can add multiple items to a donor's cart by selecting "Add more" near the top right-hand corner of the Your Cart screen. 

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