PayBee's Scan feature lets you donate both offline and online thanks to scannable QR codes. 

PayBee generates unique QR codes for each nonprofit organization, giving each fundraising campaign its own special code. 

QR codes are created electronically but they can be printed out and pasted anywhere (think posters, flyers, donation boxes, auction paddles, etc.). Donors can even use mobile phones to scan QR codes that are displayed on websites.

Check out our video for more information on how to scan QR codes!

Open the PayBee mobile app and click Scan in the bottom right-hand corner of the main menu.

PayBee will automatically recognize the QR code and will take you directly to that code's particular fundraising website (sample website shown below).

Once inside the fundraising website, you will see a list of options available for purchase. Select your preferred option(s), click the green Confirm button to complete your purchase, and wait for your receipt via email.

If you prefer, you can also scan QR codes without opening the PayBee app at all. Simply open your phone's camera and hover it over the QR code.

Holding your camera over the QR code will automatically prompt PayBee to open that code's particular fundraising website (another sample website shown below).

Click on the option you'd like to purchase and fill in the form to donate. You will receive an emailed receipt after your purchase.

Instead of using the Scan feature, you can also search for your organization's PayBee handle in order to donate.  


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