PayBee's mobile displays your transaction history so you can keep better track of your one-time and/or recurring donations.

Click the hamburger menu on the top left-hand corner of your screen and select Transactions. 

Click one of the transactions in your list to view more data. 

The detailed view will display the exact amount, date and payment method for the cause you supported.

If you have any outstanding pledges to fulfill, you can do so from this screen by clicking Fulfill Pledges.

Choose your preferred payment method by clicking Tap to Change. 

Click Confirm and then review your purchase before clicking Confirm for the last time.

You'll get a confirmation note as well as an email thanking you for your donation.

Going back to the main screen on your PayBee app, you'll see your most recent donation listed toward the top of the page.

Clicking on your most recent donation will give you the option to donate again should you so choose. You can also swipe and tap to donate to any of your other favorite campaigns as listed below.

Clicking on the header underneath Transaction will display more details about this particular organization.

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