Bank transfers have the lowest average per-transaction fees, which means this donation method will give your favorite nonprofit a higher percentage of your contribution.

For example, if you donate $1000.00 via your bank account, your nonprofit will ultimately receive $995.00 after paying the .08% + $5 required transaction fee. 

But if you donate the same amount using a credit or debit card, your nonprofit could pay as much as $25 - $35+ in transaction fees, which means they'll ultimately receive less money from you.

For this reason, PayBee highly encourages donors to either cover any transaction fees or give via bank account transfers. Doing so means more of your money will support a good cause instead of supporting banking institutions.

To donate via bank account, just go to your PayBee mobile app, click Manage Account and select Banks and Cards. 

Then follow the prompts to connect your bank account via Plaid, PayBee's PCI Level 1 compliant payment processing solution. Plaid is a secure service trusted by companies like American Express, Coinbase and Venmo.

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