Yes! Donors can support your cause with confidence knowing PayBee makes every possible effort to keep their data safe. 

PayBee partners with Stripe and Plaid, which are PCI Level 1 compliant payment processing services that take the utmost care to protect user data. Stripe handles all payments made via PayBee (and Plaid handles all bank account transfers), so we can never view or store any credit card and/or bank account information.

PayBee also encrypts all data using HTTPS, which means our web and mobile platforms are completely secure. HTTPS encryption prevents third parties from intercepting messages to and from our website and/or mobile app. We not only encrypt all data between user devices and PayBee servers, but also encrypt data even among PayBee servers.

PayBee never shares any personal data with third parties. We take privacy very seriously and take pride in treating all of our customers with the utmost respect.

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