Campaigns are virtual fundraising tools for your organization. They can help you raise money for any cause and at any frequency you like. 

For example, you could create a weekly campaign to solicit donations for your Saturday community breakfast. Or you could create a year-round campaign to sponsor your ongoing construction project.  

For more ideas on how campaigns can help your organization, please see our Tips and Tricks section. 

Creating a New Campaign:
To create a new campaign, visit your Campaign Page and click the blue Create a New Campaign button.

Choose the Donation option for your first campaign. We'll worry about the other campaign types later! 

Once you're inside the Donation menu, you'll fill in a form to create your campaign. 

All of the information you share here will become publicly visible to donors once your campaign is completed. 

You'll be able to edit anytime, so don't worry if you make a mistake! 

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