To set up your campaign, you'll need an image, name, description, and start/end date. You can also choose to list your campaign goal, compose an optional email greeting or create an optional email footer. 

PayBee automatically lists each campaign as tax deductible, but you can uncheck this box if you'd like. If you keep the box checked, your donors will automatically receive an emailed tax receipt each year that itemizes all of their PayBee donations.

If you'd like to hide this particular campaign from your main campaign page, it won't be displayed along with other campaigns on your PayBee website. You can also choose to hide the pledge option so donors can't promise to make payments at a later date. And you can choose to hide the recurring option so all donations for this particular campaign will be one-time only.

Select whichever recurring payment options work best for you. PayBee automatically pre-selects one-time, weekly and monthly options, but you can also choose quarterly, semi-annual, or annual. 

If you let donors dedicate their gift to someone, they'll be able to publicly include that person's name on their donation and it will also appear on the donor's receipt. 

PayBee automatically prompts donors to cover transaction fees by pre-checking a box on their payment form. But you can uncheck this box or even delete it completely if you want to discourage donors from including transaction fees in their gift. You can write your own text for the cover fee appeal if you'd like to personalize your message.

PayBee recommends keeping information requests to a minimum since lengthy forms can discourage giving. But if needed, you can ask your donors for their street addresses or any other information you'd like.  

Once you've created other campaigns, you'll be able to promote them by linking them to this campaign. 

You can attach a survey or informational document to this campaign by posting a URL link to your donation form. 

Your donation button currently says "Donate," but you can change this label to something else if you prefer.

Finally, you can add volunteers to your campaign by selecting names from the drop down menu. Don't worry about this step quite yet since you're just getting started!

When you're all done, click Next to continue.

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