To see how online donations work, go to the Campaign menu in your PayBee account. 

Next, click on the link beneath your campaign's QR code. This link will show you your campaign as donors see it when they visit your PayBee website.

When they arrive at your campaign page, donors will see a list of your donation options. They can then choose an option to support your cause. 

Once they've chosen a donation option, PayBee will prompt donors to select their preferred frequency for giving. 

If you've disabled recurring donations for your campaign, only the "once" option will appear on this menu.

Donors can choose weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual options for giving.

After selecting their donation frequency, donors will input their email address and name, along with an address and phone number if you've required this information.

To dedicate their gift to someone, donors can choose include that person's name, email address and/or a dedication message.

If you've required donors to share other information, they will see your question and answer choices at the bottom of the page.

Donors can then choose to pledge (blue button) or donate immediately (green button).

The green button will prompt donors to enter credit card or bank account information.  

If they choose to enter credit card information, donors will see a menu inviting them to input a card number. They can uncheck the transaction fee box if they would rather not include this fee in their donation.  

If they choose to enter bank account information, donors will follow prompts to log into their bank accounts via Plaid.

Once inside the Plaid menu, donors simply select their bank account from the list and log in to enable a payment.

After entering their payment details, donors will view a confirmation page. They will also receive an emailed receipt for their records. 

Donors will also see an invitation to complete a registration form if you've linked such a form to your campaign. 

In addition to making immediate or pre-scheduled payments, donors also have the option to pledge to your cause and pay you after receiving a future reminder.

Clicking on the pledge option (blue button) will send donors to a screen that confirms their pledge request. 

Donors who pledge will receive emailed reminders to pay each week, month, and/or year, etc. depending on their preferred reminder frequency.

After making or pledging payments, your donors can go back to your main PayBee website and view other campaigns to support. 

Keep reading to find out how you can receive donations offline, via PayBee's mobile app or using volunteers!

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