Click the blue Create a New Campaign button from inside your Campaign page and then select the Auction type. Your new Auction campaign will be posted to your PayBee website when completed. 

Step 1: Campaign Information:
Fill in the required fields to create your new campaign. You'll need a campaign image, name, description, and start/end date. You can choose to list your campaign description, compose an email greeting to donors, and/or add an optional footer to your email greeting.

Next, check the boxes that describe your campaign. 

PayBee's Preset Menu:
PayBee automatically pre-checks the tax donation button so your donors can receive our automated email with tax information. You can uncheck this box if you'd like to reverse PayBee's automated settings.

More Settings:
You can choose to hide this particular campaign from your main campaign website or hide the pledge option.

Transaction Fees:
If you hide the option for donors to cover any transaction fees, your organization will be solely responsible for covering these fees. Making the default state for cover fees unchecked will give donors the option to either accept or decline to pay transaction fees. You can even customize the text for your appeal to donors; PayBee's standard appeal invites them to cover transaction fees since this helps your organization. 

Requesting Information from Donors:
PayBee recommends limiting your information requests since donors are more likely to give if they don't have to fill in long forms.

But if you would like to collect your donor's address or other information (specified either by you or by the user), you can check those boxes. 

Linking Other Information to Your Campaign:
You can choose to promote any of your existing campaigns by linking them to this new campaign. You can also attach a donation form (via Google Survey or other service) so donors can share even more information with your organization. And you can even change the text on your donation button (the preselected text is "Donate").

Adding Volunteers:
To add volunteers, select them from the dropdown menu. They will receive emails asking them to join your campaign so they can then accept mobile payments from donors on your behalf.

Click Next to continue.

Step 2: Donation Options
Select a cover image, name, and donation amount for each donation option you create. These donation options will appear inside your new Peer-to-Peer campaign on your PayBee website when completed. Think of donation options like different menu items that donors can choose to purchase for your campaign.

You can create as many donation options as you like for your campaign.

Click Create to publish your campaign.

To view your live Auction campaign, click the link below its QR code. This is the public page that your donors will view when they visit your website or open their mobile apps. 

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