Your Add Donations page is the place to enter donation information both manually and/or in bulk using an Excel document. This page is most useful for recording cash, check, in-kind, stock, corporate matching, charitable trust or other donations. 

Search for registered donors by name or email, or create a new donor to manually record the amount they gave to your organization. Click Create New Donor to enter a donor's name and email address as well as specifying the campaign, amount, date, donation type and method.  

Create an Excel spreadsheet containing donation information by following the instructions as listed below. 

Click Show Detailed Instructions to view an expanded menu with sample Excel text. Look up your campaign ID number using the menu to the right and record this ID number in your Excel file. 

Download the PayBee-specific sample Excel file (Download).

Add Required and Optional data to your Excel file.

Save and upload your Excel file and fix any reported issues. Then click Submit.

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