Your campaign page is the place to create new fundraising campaigns. This page also displays your existing campaigns along with a unique QR code and website for each one.

Create New Campaign:
Click the blue Create a New Campaign button to choose one of 6 available templates. Please view the Help Center articles on these 6 template types for more information.

Active & All Campaigns:
Click the button in between active campaigns and all campaigns to view ONLY your active campaigns. 

Deactivate & Reactivate Campaigns:
Click the red button below your campaign to deactivate it. This will remove the campaign from your publicly visible PayBee website but will not delete the campaign's information. Click the green Activate button next to your campaign to reactivate it.

Edit Campaign:
Click the green button below your campaign to edit it.

View Campaign Report:
Click the blue button below your campaign to view specific information about its donations and donors. 

Clone Campaign:Click the aqua button below your campaign to clone it. Cloning will produce an exact replica of your campaign.  

Each Campaign's QR Code:
Click Download QR Code to save each campaign's specific code. You can then print it or attach it as an image to any document (newsletters, emails, letterhead, posters, etc.). When donors scan your campaign's QR code with their phones, they will automatically view this campaign on your PayBee website.

Each Campaign's PayBee Website:
Click the link directly beneath your QR code to view your campaign's publicly visible PayBee website (sample website shown below). Donors who visit your campaign's website (either by scanning your QR code or by using a web browser) will see information related to this specific campaign. 

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