After logging into your account, the first page you'll see will be your central dashboard. This page displays recent donation information along with your unique QR code and a link to your publicly visible PayBee website.

Recent Donations:
Click the arrows beside each column to sort donation data in ascending or descending order. Click Export to create an Excel spreadsheet of your donation information.

Your Organization's QR Code:
Click Download QR Code to save your organization's code. You can then print it or attach it as an image to any document (newsletters, emails, letterhead, posters, etc.). When donors scan your QR code with their phones, they will automatically view your organization's PayBee website.

Your Organization's PayBee Website:
Click the link directly beneath your QR code to view your organization's publicly visible PayBee website (sample shown below). Donors who visit your website (either by scanning your QR code or by using a web browser) will see a list of all your organization's active fundraising campaigns. 

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