What's an Auction Campaign?

Auction Campaigns are ideal for setting up stress-free live and/or silent auctions.

When should I use Auction Campaigns?

  • You want to shorten waiting time for registration and payment at live and silent auctions.
  • You want to digitally track auction attendance and pledges in real-time.
  • You want to make live auction paddles scannable for easy payments.
  • You want volunteers to easily track and collect payments by phone.

What features do Auction Campaigns offer?

Auction Campaign-Specific Features:

  • Printable live auction paddles with scannable QR codes
  • Attendance and donation tracking in real-time
  • Donation items disappear from available list when purchased
  • Volunteers monitor and manage donors’ mobile checkout carts 
  • Donors can self-checkout or have volunteers process payments by phone

Features Offered for All Campaign Types: 

  • Tools for online and offline donation.
  • One-time and/or recurring payment options.
  • Automatically email yearly tax receipts.
  • Prompt donors to help cover credit card transaction fees.
  • Add volunteers to collect donations on your behalf.
  • Attach external registration forms or links for classes, retreats or seminars.
  • Link your campaigns together for cross-promotion.
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