What's a Long Pledge Campaign?

Long Pledge Campaigns are ideal for helping your donors split one large gift into several recurring installments so you can accomplish long-term goals.

When should I use Long Pledge Campaigns?

  • You want to help donors calculate their pledge rates for your long-term projects.

  • You want to remind donors about when to give to long-term sponsorships automatically.

  • You want to modernize legacy gifts and endowment giving. 

What features do Long Pledge Campaigns offer? 

Long Pledge-Specific Features: 

  • Automatically calculate daily/weekly/monthly/yearly installment rates.

  • Email automatic payment reminders when pledges are due.

Features Offered for All Campaign Types: 

  • Tools for online and offline donation.

  • One-time and/or recurring payment options.

  • Automatically email yearly tax receipts.

  • Prompt donors to help cover credit card transaction fees.

  • Add volunteers to collect donations on your behalf.

  • Attach external registration forms or links for classes, retreats, or seminars.

  • Link your campaigns together for cross-promotion.

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